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What is masking Service for head shot images?

The masking service we usually use for a model or fur image, We cannot change the background color of the flying hair with clipping path or any other method, There is a method used which is masking system And in this method it is possible to bring out the gray hair perfectly. Masking system through Photoshop is a simple process and we have great experts here who do the job perfectly. Image masking service is useful in removing the background from images especially those with hair or fur. The fine details of the individual hairs and furs let it fall in difficulties to perform the background removal with clipping path. So, advanced Photoshop skills and techniques are essentially used in this regard.

Clipping path Service

You may imagine that meticulous image masking service requires tons of patience, skill, and time. But, the labor-intensive task will worth the effort for each strand of hair accounted for the finished image. Generally we start our task with hand-drawn clipping paths and then we get to the more advanced work. If you want to try to do it on your own, fiddle with a number of the Photoshop tools and techniques available to you. The background eraser tool, magic eraser tool, and therefore the color separation technique – or a mixture of the whole can all assist you to achieve the right photo for your clients or online store.

It’s important to recollect the photos on your website or seller profile to stay up to the mark in comparison with the opposite product photos. And, particularly if you’re selling your products on a third-party site like Amazon or eBay, it’s essential to abide by their product photo guidelines.

Who needs image masking service?

If you think of changing the background of a picture that features hair or fur, advanced image masking service process will give you more accurate and cleaner results than that of clipping path. It’s a tedious task to do especially on large batches of images. Paying an attention to detail is important for achieving the edited photos that look realistic and can convince the customer go for it.

Best clipping path service Best clipping path service

Image masking allows photographers to isolate the merchandise and take away any distractions from the captured frame. It also helps create a consistent look to all or any product photos for your clients or your brand, both in digital and printed versions.

If you’ve got one image or a huge amount from your latest photo-shoot, professional image masking services can assist you to distinguish in a way what really matters in your business getting more valued clients.


When to use image masking:

  1. To meet the requirements of head shot images or any fur images to change the background color and some of the online marketplaces, like Amazon and eBay
  2. When your picture has fuzzy edges
  3. When you need editing the background of images with transparent products, like a transparent glass or bottle
  4. When not to use image masking:
  5. If your image has sharp edges, you’re recommended to use clipping path instead
  6. When you want to use  new background to your images

Image masking at GraphicsAnywhere:

When you want to use same color for your head shot or fur images then the process of  Masking is the most important to apply from adobe Photoshop. Two images are never equivalent. That’s why we carefully analyze each photo to work out in the simplest approach. More often, a high-quality image requires the utilization of quite one technique or tool. We combine multiple approaches — including the background eraser tool, color separation, channel mask, and hand-drawn clipping paths — to realize the best-looking photo for your targeted clients. We’re not finished until every edge is sharp and smooth, and each minor detail gets captured.

Clipping path Service Clipping path Service

With quite a sound team of employees working together, we’ve skilled graphic designers and photo editors in various areas. After scrutinizing your photo and wishes, we confirm the foremost qualified editor to fulfill your order to the very best standards. You get professionally edited images that will lead your clients smile- all at a price you’ll afford and a turnaround to assist you to meet even the foremost deadlines.


You may find many other image masking services unlike us but we do everything sincerely by hand. We’ve observed the results of automation and tools and the way it can hurt your reputation and your brand. Today’s consumers demand the quality and so we ensure the quality at any cost. We take pride in ourselves on the standard of the finished product — regardless of what percentage of images you would like to get edited.

What is the art of image masking?

Image masking is the art of separating a particular part from a picture where the sides can’t be clearly defined, like isolating a woman with curly hair from a photograph. If you’re affluent in an honest image-editing app and you’ve got installed it on your pc, you’ll do the image masking on your own with ease. During this post, you’ll get to understand this system and its benefits in detail.


Image masking is a perfect and established technique for changing the background of a particular image in a planned way. Images with blur edges, flying hair, and transparent glasses are often edited in this system, for instance. If you’ve to make product catalogs, you would like to use this system on your own otherwise you can get in-tuned with the knowledgeable editors. If you accompany the primary option, you ought to be ready to use image-editing software, like Adobe Photoshop for making things easier. Professionals usually tend to use Clipping Path with Image Masking service.

Best Clipping Path Service

They often want to get complex images to get rid of backgrounds. Product images are mostly used on e-commerce sites and blogs for a better sale.

Image masking is more often used when clipping path alone can’t afford to do the work according to the clients’ expectation. For an example, we may say that the clipping path technique isn’t useful for performing on hair, fur, or transparent images, like glasses, smoke, flames, feathers, lighting, highlights, muslin, and lighting and the rest.

There are many providers out there who offer this service, but finding a reliable one isn’t that simple a job. You ought to start your search by keeping your requirements in mind so that you can maintain your desired standards. If you are doing a huge amount of homework, finding one would be tons easier for you. You generally search for a provider who is understood for delivering projects on time while working as effectively as possible. It’s an honest idea to travel over the past work of the professionals you shortlisted. Often, good providers are creative and competent or even can be said as an all-rounder.


Image masking service are commonly utilized in graphic designing, fashion designing, and advertising. As a matter of fact, these industries rely heavily on these services since the images have become an integral a part of today’s world. So, the purpose is that if you’ve got an internet site that needs some editing, you’ll want to undertake the services of a professional to urge for your image masking service. And so, we hope GraphicsAnywhere can surely help you in this regard.


Image Masking Services Offered: 

  1. Hair Masking
  2. Layer Masking
  3. Alpha Channel Masking
  4. Transparent Image Masking